Powerpoint Presentations:
Subscribe to Fritz Meyer's monthly-updated Point of View powerpoint presentations. A valuable reference to give you a visual on the key issues relating to the economy, markets and investment strategy. Subscription price: $600 per year.

Fritz Meyer’s monthly analysis is contained in 70 PowerPoint slides for advisors to utilize in seminars, webinars, and client meetings.

The monthly presentations contain dozens of tables and charts that you can brand. Slides guide advisors through illustrated analysis of key economic data and their effects on investment strategy.

Targeted to advisors utilizing broadly diversified portfolios and strategic asset allocation, you can purchase Fritz Meyer's Slide Shows for $600 a year. The slides are available on the second Tuesday of every month. (A sample is below.)

In partnership with Advisor Products, a leading marketing technology company serving financial professionals, Fritz Meyer’s research is also the basis for FINRA-reviewed articles and videos that can be posted to advisor websites monthly and to create a social stream for an advisor.

To attend Fritz Meyer’s monthly webinars, please join Advisors4Advisors, a practice management website for financial professionals.

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